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Github clone. You can install portable github system into Unix/Linux.


  • Github clone
  • Portable. You can install it into your Unix/Linux server.
  • Only needs Perl 5.8.7+
  • CGI support
  • Having built-in web server, Reverse proxy support
  • SSL support
  • IP control suppport

Installation into Shared Server

Shared Server must support Linux/Unix, Apache, SuExec, CGI, and PHP5(CGI mode).

(PHP is not necessary, if PHP exists, the install process is easy because you do not need to think about permissions.)

Many shared servers support these, so you will be able to find a suitable server easily.


First you need to download gitprep.

Expand the zip file. You will see the following directory.


Rename the gitprep-latest directory to gitprep.

gitprep-latest -> gitprep


GitPrep needs the git command. You must install git by yourself.

You must add the correct git command path to the gitprep.conf config file.

;;; Git command path

Upload Server by FTP

You upload these directory into server document root by FTP.


Access the following URL by browser.

http://(Your host name)/gitprep/setup/setup.php

(If you don't access PHP file or don't have PHP, you can use CGI script please set this CGI script permission to 755)

http://(Your host name)/gitprep/setup/setup.cgi.

Click Setup button once and wait about 5 minutes.

Go to application

If you see result, click "Go to Application".

Internal Server Error

If you receive an internal server error, look at the log file (gitprep/log/production.log) to see what the problem occurred.

Installation into own Unix/Linux Server

GitPrep has its own web server, so you can start using the application very easily. This is much better than the way shown above because you do not need to setup the Apache environment and performance will be much better.

(You can also install GitPrep into Cygwin. If you want to install GitPrep into Cygwin, gcc4 and make program are needed.)

Create gitprep user

Create a gitprep user. This is not necessary, but recommended.

useradd gitprep
su - gitprep
cd ~


Download tar.gz archive, expand it and change directory.

curl -kL > gitprep-latest.tar.gz
tar xf gitprep-latest.tar.gz
mv gitprep-latest gitprep
cd gitprep


To setup GitPrep, execute the following command. All of the needed modules will be installed.



Run the test to check if the setup process was successful or not.

prove t

If "All tests successful" is shown, the setup process was successful.


Same as Shared Server's Configuration section.



You can start the application by running the provided gitprep script. The application is run in the background and the port is 10020 by default.


Then access the following URL.


If you want to change the port, edit gitprep.conf. If you cannot access this port, you might change the firewall settings.


You can stop the application by adding the --stop option.

./gitprep --stop

Operation from root user

You can manage the application from the root user.

Start the application

sudo -u gitprep /home/gitprep/gitprep/gitprep

Stop the application

sudo -u gitprep /home/gitprep/gitprep/gitprep --stop

If you want to start the application when the OS starts, add the start application command to rc.local(Linux).

If you want to make it easy to manage gitprep, then create a run script.

mkdir -p /webapp
echo '#!/bin/sh' > /webapp/gitprep
echo 'su - gitprep -c "/home/gitprep/gitprep/gitprep $*"' >> /webapp/gitprep
chmod 755 /webapp/gitprep

You can start and stop the application with the following command.

# Start or Restart

# Stop
/webapp/gitprep --stop


If you are a developer, you can start the application in development mode.


Then access the following URL.


If you have git, it is easy to install from git.

git clone git://

It is useful to write configuration in, not gitprep.conf.

Web Site

GitPrep Web Site

Internally Using Library

Sister project

  • WebDBViewer - Database viewer to see database information on web browser.

Copyright & license

Copyright 2013-2013 Yuki Kimoto all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Gitprep Version v1.7